About this Random Blog and it’s Random Author

A virtual space; A sanctum of thoughts. Full of moments to be shared, and stories to be heard. I am sharing a piece of myself; Baring my heart and my soul. I am constantly mustering courage Pushing these buttons, Publishing these posts… I am putting myself out there, Hoping to be heard and to inspire … Continue reading About this Random Blog and it’s Random Author


Daily Habit

Water Lilies

I sit. Contemplate. And Pause. I breathe. Think. And write. I Remember. Reflect. And smile. I type. Check. And re-write. I finish. Save. And share. Fleeting time. Moments Captured. Thoughts written. Heart poured. Good things shall come. Hopefully. Optimism should always be a habit. Best, Ardent Wayfarer.


626 Night Market

If there's one thing I like taking photos of the most it'd be candid shots of my friends or random strangers. There's something about unrehearsed photos that I find appealing; the vulnerability of it. The genuineness of the photo. A true moment stolen and immortalized. If a picture is worth a thousand words. Candid ones … Continue reading Candid