Sturtevant Falls Trail

Sturtevant Falls Trail

Last January, after all the intense caloric event (: D) PS. Those are all the breakfast, lunch, and dinner during Christmas until the New Year's.. My friend and I went on a short hiking trip to burn some calories and have some down time before she heads back home to Texas. Check out the video … Continue reading Sturtevant Falls Trail


Sandstone Peak + Inspirational Point via Mishe Mokwa Trail

Ardent Wayfarer @ Sandstone Peak

This is probably one of the best hike I've had so far here in California. Check out the short video I made below and let me know what you think! This trail's an easy but a long one. It offers a variety of scenic and breathtaking views. Watch out for the next post which … Continue reading Sandstone Peak + Inspirational Point via Mishe Mokwa Trail


Boracay, Philippines

Ardent Wayfarer. ardent : characterized by warmth of feeling typically expressed in eager zealous support or activity wayfarer :  a traveler especially on foot A Passionate Traveler. I am your average guy in his early 20s. Like some of the people out there, I'm still figuring things out - still uncertain on what career path I should take, looking for that thing … Continue reading Preface